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Ann Todd, MSc Psychology, MBA, PGCert Consultation and Psychotherapeutic Supervision


Qualifications – and what it means:

  • MSc Psychology – the science of behaviour: what is a choice, what is not: what is changeable and how to change it.
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration – influential, collaborative, authoritative, effective team and business leader. Strategic, analytical, financially numerate, project direction and management.
  • PGCert Consultation and Psychotherapeutic Supervision (Learning & Change) – Integrative, systemic Coach: expert in Transformative Learning and Change: support and supervise others working with emotions and change:


British Psychological Society

Association of Business Psychologist



Ann is Principal Consultant at the Performance Practice. She coaches adults through significant change, working with individuals and groups, onsite, face to face and online.

Delivering significant, positive change is the constant across a career that includes international and cross-cultural experience, senior employed roles, and selling and influentially leading transformation to time and budget as a business and team leader. She has facilitated and led change in commercial organisations, NGOs, and government departments. Clients have included: Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Kiln, R.K. Harrison, Datum Solutions Ltd, Elexon, Energy Settlements and Information Services Limited, Gartmore, HBOS, National Grid plc.. Government and NGO Clients include bis/Berr/dti (now Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform), The Big Issue, The Cabinet Office, Community Development Foundation, EU (ACP Business Scheme), Home Office, Mind, NAWO, Women’s National Commission and Senior team members at The Spectator. She founded IQEQ Network, a working group and reflective space for senior employed professionals responsible for manager and staff performance. Member employing organisations included Aviva Investors, Barclays Capital, Betfair, Bupa, Ciena, Discovery, Disney, Expedia, Grosvenor Group, Housing for Women, Monitise, Nandos, Polycom, RWE Npower, Tesco, and The Big Issue.

Ann explored Psychotherapeutic Supervision (Learning and Change) adding to her coaching credentials, before moving to an MSc Psychology to effectively challenge the ‘shoulds’, shaming and fear that often define institutional responses to difference.

Parents and carers need leadership and emotional skills to guide their children through to maturity.  Ann offers expert support for parents and carers, including navigating the complexities of education, adolescence, neurodiversity, and managing associated therapy and legal issues, in pursuit of a child’s growth into balanced and happy adulthood.


Contact me for:

The Effective Parent and Carer

Supporting the adults in the life of the kid who is stuck, different, not thriving. Managing the Overwhelm: Planning for Progress: Education
issues: Implementation Support

    Bespoke Management
    and leadership coaching

    For when the inhouse offer is unavailable, politically unattractive, or not suited for an individual. Particularly bringing Emotional Intelligence to the fore in leaders.

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    Complexity is often best addressed via collaboration and teamwork: please contact me.